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Time for Some Awesome BBQ Party at Jubilee Views

Posted in Accommodation @ Mar 17th 2016 8:07am - By Administrator
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We at Jubilee Views are inviting you host BBQ parties all you want the next time you visit the Gold Coast. Of course, a vacation is never truly complete without a scrumptious barbecue sesh with friends. But if you’re not too confident about your grilling skills, don’t fret! Even if grilling takes so much time to perfect, you can always get started on your grilling adventures. Here’s list of simple tips to help you grill your meats to perfection.

Choose Your Meats Well. Of course, the first step to the best tasting barbecue is to buy fresh, premium meats from the market. If you’re bringing your friends on your next Gold Coast trip, you might as well tag them along on your visit to the market. Let your friends help you decide which of their favourite meats should be on the barbecue party menu.

Marinate Overnight. Prepare your meats by soaking them in marinade. Let them absorb all the flavour by keeping them soaked all night. Don’t forget to store some marinade for your grilling.

Choose a Charcoal Burner. A charcoal burner with a lid will definitely help bring out its smokey flavour at the same time keep the temperature constant.

Invest in great grilling tools. You can never go wrong with investing in quality tools, from the grills, apron, gloves, to tongs. Another quick tip: for your pair of tongs, choose one that gives you the most control because the last thing anyone wants is crying over spilled meat.

Stay focused. No one wants to eat poorly cooked meat or throw away burnt meat. Avoid multi-tasking or leaving your grilling unattended. As with any other cooking, one must concentrate all the time. Pour your heart when cooking, and they’re sure to taste that love in the food you serve!

There you have it. We hope these simple tips will help you with your next barbecue party with your company. If you and your friends are looking to book an affordable yet luxurious place that is a heartbeat away from all the excitement, find a home with us at Jubilee Views. Choose from our stylish and modern yet very affordable accommodation near Pacific Fair Shopping Centre at Jubilee Views.

We take pride in providing our guests with elegantly designed rooms, complete with superb guest amenities perfect for you and your friends. You can enjoy lazing by the swimming pool, staying connected online 24/7 through our free WiFi access, and secure your car within our parking area.

Book your stay today by visiting We look forward to having you over.



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