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Posted in Local Attractions @ Nov 27th 2015 3:30am - By Administrator

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines the word infinity as a space, amount, or period of time that has no limit or end; the quality of having no limits or end; a very great number or amount. But on the Gold Coast, infinity is something unlike any of the definitions in any dictionary—because in this region, Infinity is an attraction that ends, but definitely not without a bang.

Dubbed as the Coast with the Most, the Gold Coast is the embodiment of the word infinity since the enjoyment it brings to its every tourist is just limitless. And once you reached Renaissance Centre located in Surfers Paradise, you’ll find that there lies an attraction that will definitely make you want to try it over and over again. It’s called the Infinity attraction.

As a funhouse, Infinity is the first and only one of its kinds that brings you to travel to the future, and lets you experience futuristic entertainment, fun, and exciting attraction. If you try Infinity, you’re guaranteed to get one of your most unforgettable and rare experiences.

Get inside the Infinity attraction and you’ll be escorted to another world consisting of nonstop special effects, extremely emotive sound effects, unlimited addictive music, and mesmerising visual and spatial illusions. Even those who claim they’re not easily emotionally evoked are proved wrong once they’re inside this wonderful attraction. So you can expect yourself going ecstatic, laughing uncontrollably, and screaming at the top of your lungs without meaning to.

Did you say you can’t dance? Well, Infinity is also guaranteed to make anyone dance with its special effects no matter how untalented in dancing you say you are. Have extreme fun in Infinity attraction as you get to experience every emotion from exhilaration and bravery, to joy and curiosity. With Infinity, everything really seems limitless.  

Words are not enough to express the feelings all its visitors get from experiencing the Infinity attraction, so you have to see for yourself to know what it’s exactly all about.

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